Genre - Sitcom
Source Material - Original

Synopsis: This sitcom, created by Bart Ruspoli and Rob Bladen is currently in production and aims to wrap in September.
An ups and downs comedy about a cable Sports News channel run by Martin Chalmers, once a famed weather man, who has his own unique style of reporting and a whole host of dysfunctional staff members to deal with.

Directed by Bart Ruspoli
Produced by Bart Ruspoli
Created by Rob Bladen and Bart Ruspoli
Written By Bart Ruspoli, Rob Bladen, Shane Taylor
Starring Rob Bladen, Shane Taylor, Ben Shafik, Daniel Roberts, Mark Cameron, Bart Ruspoli, Naomi Martin, Rob Wilfort, Craig Russell, Tat Whalley, Simon Rhodes and James Healy


The Wonderer

Genre - Biopic
Source material Original script

Synopsis - A biopic of the famous travel writer Bruce Chatwin.

Written by - Lali Kagan
Produced by - Bart Ruspoli, Freddie Hutton-Mills