Bart wrote, produced and starred in the stunning award winning horror film, “DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND”, which picked up best feature, and best director amongst amongst other awards at the British Horror Film Festival 2010.

He graduated from the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and started his professional career in front of the camera as a successful actor. Bart starred in the Multi-award winning Band of Brothers for HBO in 2000, with numerous other theatrical performances and highly rated TV series such as “Rome” to add to his not inconsiderable CV.

Bart has always had an affinity with work behind the camera and his first short film “FOUR” broke viewing figures on Sky Movies. He has also worked extensively as a scriptwriter, having spent 3 years as a script-editor for Great British Films ltd.  In addition, Bart has worked as a theatre producer, co-producing Michael Frayn’s “Benefactors” on the West End as well as many other productions in London and Italy. [ email ]

Freddie is a British Independent Film award winning producer. In addition to that he has written and produced over 200 hours of Television in the past 10 years, including four seasons of the highly successful “Takeshi’s Castle”.  He has produced programmes for a variety of UK broadcasters including MTV, VH1, Living TV, TMF, Channel 5, Challenge, Trouble, and Bravo.  He also has experience in the diverse fields of Documentaries, Factual Entertainment, Light Entertainment, Promos and Adverts. [ email ]

With his attention focused on drama based projects, Freddie recently produced the feature film “Devil’s Playground”, which premiered in the UK on October 10, 2010 and stars Danny Dyer, Craig Fairbrass, and Colin Salmon. He recently completed production on his and Bart’s follow up feature film “Screwed”.

Giannis is a Greek feature film producer, recently relocating in the UK. He runs one of the biggest production companies in Greece (N-Orasis) which has bases in both Athens and Thessaloniki. Graduating from the School of Management & Economics of the Kozani Technical Training Institute, Giannis then attended the recognised Cinema School Parallaxi in Greece, where he learnt the technicalities and business aspects of filmmaking. Using this knowledge, he set up N-Orasis in Athens which specialises in feature films, commercials and TV, making such domestic feature hits as JAILHOUSE ROCK, ATHANASIA and UNDER THE SHEET. N-Orasis is also famed for the many awards received for its short films, and its this level of quality that Giannis will bring to both Freddie and Bart. [ email ]